Myopia Action Month now on offering FREE seminars, courses, resources and more: Get involved here.

Myopia Action Month now on: Get involved here.

Contact Lenses for Kids Infographic

FREE to download in multiple formats

Informed consent form for myopia management

FREE to download template informed consent form for myopia management including all content for you to tailor to your practice requirements.

Managing Myopia Guidelines Infographic

Printable (A4/Letter size) patient side reference guides and large format poster.

Managing Myopia patient brochure

Double sided printable (A4/Letter size) patient brochure designed to compliment the Managing Myopia in Practice infographic.

My Kids Vision QR code sheet

A single printable page to use in your consulting room to direct parents to specific articles on 

Myopia Risk Assessment Worksheet

FREE to download clinical resource for assessing patients at risk of developing myopia (nearsightedness) and rate of myopia progression.