My Kids Vision QR code sheet

Connect parents easily with the information they need most to learn about their child's myopia with this QR code sheet. This colourful, engaging single sheet can be downloaded and printed as a reference to use in your consulting room. Key articles from are linked with unique QR codes to support your clinical communication. 

Description is the go-to patient and parent resource offering scientifically based and balanced information on myopia. Eye care practitioners around the world harness to streamline their clinical communication on myopia, saving time while ensuring parents can have all of their questions answered.


How to Use

We suggest you print this sheet on thick paper or card, to use as an ongoing reference. Keep it in a visible position in your consulting room, and use when having discussions with parents and patients about childhood myopia management. They can hover their mobile device camera over the individual QR codes to directly open specific articles on


US Letter and A4 size options are available to allow easy printing using a personal or office printer.