Managing Myopia Guidelines Infographic

Built from the ground up from continued feedback with eye care practitioners and industry advisers, these myopia management guidelines are an engaging infographic that help simplify myopia management in practice.

Learn how to put these into practice in our article Using the Managing Myopia Guidelines Infographics. This includes links to further reading on the evidence-base, and communication tips using to help with parent and patient discussions. It also explains how to use the take-home patient brochure which works with the Infographic to support your clinical messages. 


The mostly blue infographic is a chairside reference guide for eye care professionals that guides you through:

  1. Myopia risk factors
  2. What to prescribe
  3. Follow-up schedules
  4. Gauging success

The multi-colored infographic is designed to help you communicate the following topics with parents and patients:

  1. Visual environment advice
  2. What are my options?
  3. Kids can wear contact lenses
  4. Why myopia management is essential

To support your in-practice communication, these messages can be further enhanced by giving your patient’s the Managing Myopia patient brochure.

Thanks to the generous efforts of our colleagues across the world we are to offer the following language translations:

  • Arabic: Fadi Wakileh
  • Chinese (Simplified and Traditional): Connie Gan
  • Czech: Ondřej Policar
  • Dutch: Arno van der Poort
  • French: Phillippe Seira
  • German: Alexandra Amesmann
  • Hebrew: Oded Zvibach
  • Polish: Sylwia Kropacz-Sobkowia
  • Portuguese (Brazilian): Roseane Pavan
  • Romanian: Daniela Goicea
  • Slovak: Eva Valkovičová
  • Spanish: Monica Marquez
  • Swedish: Teresa Björkeroth
  • Vietnamese: Minh Anh Tran

How to Use

To learn how to use the Managing Myopia Guidelines infographics in practice, you can:


Both four panel infographics are made available in large format US ANSI-C and A2 poster sizes that scale down to print at US Letter or A4 to be instead used as a handheld infographic.

Print options also include each panel of the infographic as individual pages in US Letter and A4 sizes, offering capacity to use each page on its own if you prefer. The individual pages include QR codes that link to associated Myopia Profile articles.

For best use and to ensure a long lifespan we suggest printing onto 350gms Gloss Artboard with matt lamination.