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Accredited in: Australia


Dr Kate Gifford PhD Cassandra Haines

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About this course.

Atropine for Myopia Management will enhance your knowledge and decision-making processes for prescribing. With a fast-moving research field, this interactive two-hour course will step you through an overview of the evidence-base including comparing atropine to other treatments and combination treatments.

This intensely practical content then takes you through patient pathways, prescribing considerations from contraindications to side effects to optical corrections to formulations, steps for parent communication and informed consent, and long-term management including tapering and cessation. This course will provide you the confidence and clinical structure for safe and effective prescribing of atropine for childhood myopia.

At the end of this course, you should feel confident to: 

    1. Explain the clinical rationale for use of low-concentration atropine for myopia control
    2. Describe the efficacy evidence for various concentrations of topical atropine
    3. Communicate a simple comparison of atropine to optical myopia control treatments based on scientific evidence
    4. Explain patient pathways for prescribing atropine as a monotherapy or combination treatment in childhood myopia 
    5. Discuss cautions for topical atropine use and likely frequency of side effects
    6. Describe key clinical steps in prescribing atropine, including communication with parents. 


Accredited in: Australia

Learner outcomes.

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95% Feel more confident in atropine prescribing for myopia management
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92% Would recommend this course to a colleague

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Meet the instructors.

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Dr Kate Gifford PhD

Dr Kate Gifford is a clinical optometrist, researcher, peer educator and professional leader from Brisbane, Australia, and a co-founder of Myopia Profile.

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Cassandra Haines

What you will learn.

Chapter 1: Introduction - 4 Lessons

Learn about the course content, navigate the platform and set your learning goals.

  • All about atropine
  • Disclosures
  • How to use this course
  • Your continuing education

Chapter 2: Background and Science of Atropine - 7 Lessons

Explore the back story and research outcomes of topical atropine for myopia control, including which concentration works best, comparisons and combinations. 

  • Atropine as a systemic drug
  • Why use atropine to slow myopia progression
  • Concentration: the highs and lows of adding more zeros
  • Comparing atropine to other treatments
  • Combining orthokeratology with atropine
  • The ideal atropine drop
  • Test your learning 1

Chapter 3: Practical Prescribing of Topical Atropine - 9 Lessons

Build on your scientific knowledge with clinical guidance from patient selection, to cautions and side effects, to prescribing considerations and parent communication.

  • Patient pathways and decision trees
  • Contraindications and cautions for topical atropine prescribing
  • Frequency of side effects
  • Which optical correction is needed?
  • Triple A for atropine prescribing
  • Compounding and formulations: the knowns and unknowns
  • Off-label prescribing and informed consent
  • Long term management: Tapering and cessation
  • Test your learning 2

Chapter 4: Resources and Further Learning - 3 Lessons

Further support for clinical communication and your ongoing learning. 

  • Educating parents
  • Myopia Profile Academy: explore your next learning journey
  • Congratulations, you did it! Here's what's next

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Great stuff

Christian H - 4 months ago
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Svitlana Tymofiychuk

I believe that I have acquired theoretical knowledge on this topic and I will be able to implement this knowledge in my medical practice. Thank you!

Svitlana T - 7 months ago
Review stars

Atropine Review

Great review on all the key points that need to be explained in office when starting atropine therapy on a patient.

Damaris R - 7 months ago
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