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Clear, practical and interesting

By Michelle B - 2 days ago

I was very impressed by the clear and logical presentation of the latest evidence on the use of different atropine concentrations in myopia management. I will feel far more confident in my recommendations or otherwise of atropine for my young myopes.

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Great course

By Krzysztof S - 17 days ago

I'll recommend it

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Answered exactly what I wanted to know!

By Lisa K - 7 months ago

Perfectly pitched to answer my practical, clinical questions about how to care for the patients in my chair. Translated the research into immediately useful/applicable information.

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Excellent content

By Vaughn B - 7 months ago

This course has everything you need to feel confident in managing patients with low dose atropine. It is a great reference and I love having everything in one place. I can use the informed consent in my practice immediately. Thank you for putting in all the hard work!

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Love the course

By Dr Muhammad Afzam Shah B - 8 months ago

The content as well as the delivery of the course was exceptional. Great content. 👍

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Easy guideline for Myopia Control with Atropine

By Mi Ja (�Midge�) C - 9 months ago

I like the course as it has all the essential and updated information of Atropine for myopia control with one click.

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Atropine Course

By Valery D - 9 months ago

I enjoyed it

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Really efficient

By Claus S - 9 months ago

Thank you for providing this review of the newest literature of myopia in progression ! Really useful.

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Comprehensive and thorough educational tool

By Shashira W - 10 months ago

As someone who is just entering the myopia management sphere, this gave a thorough look into the use of atropine in myopia management. There was a wealth of evidence-based resources that made me feel confident that I was learning from one of the best. Very well done

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How to add atropine to your tools of myopia management

By Maria D - 10 months ago

Congrats to Kate for another great course on myopia management! I have gained more knowledge and confidence in how to prescribe atropine as a way of slowing down myopia progression and how to use it in conjunction with other treatments.

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Excellent information - well presented.

By Janet V - 11 months ago


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Can't wait to get started!

By Dharmine E - one year ago

While I have started myopia management with contact lenses and spectacles, I have been apprehensive to start atropine treatment -- never feeling like I knew "enough" to start.

This course really helped to bridge my knowledge gaps by providing detailed and organized information and resources to arm me with the confidence to take that next step in myopia management. It helped me understand the subtle differences between different treatment regimes: concentrations of atropine, optical
treatments, best vs. "next-best" treatments, rebound effects, side effects, mono vs. combo-therapies and so much more.

My patients will definitely benefit from the wealth of information I've learned in this short course!

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Confident myopia controller

By Chantel N - one year ago

The course on atropine for myopia control is set out in a very educational-friendly way. The different lessons help to understand this essential part of myopia control in a very approachable, systematic manner. On completion of the course I'm definitely more confident on atropine mono-therapy vs combo-therapy. Thank you!

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Excellent course

By Clare M - one year ago

This course has done an amazing job of making a tricky topic super simple! It has clarified many aspects of prescribing atropine that have changed a lot over the past few years, namely which concentration to prescribe. It has made a confusing topic very approachable and I recommend this course to anyone who prescribes atropine.

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By Eric B - one year ago

Be careful recommending sunglasses for uv protection on kids … we don’t fully know why myopia is slowed due to increased outdoor time but may well be due to unrestricted and unaltered sunlight (including uv)
Broad spectrum sunlight is important also for circadian rhythm, and our endocrine system. I promote one of the advantages of ortho k in kids is the ability to get full spectrum sunlight outdoors.
I know your busy but when u get a chance do some research on sunlight and it’s influence on mental health, circadian rhythm, and even diabetes and many other health systems. I believe the medical establishment has been wrong in universally condemning sunlight and uv. Just sayin!
Great class !!!!
Keep up the great work !