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25 Lessons, 2 hours, 20 MCQ's
Accredited in: United States; Canada; Australia; New Zealand; United Kingdom


Dr Kate Gifford PhD Dr Paul Gifford PhD

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About this course.

Communicating the Myopia Message will help you master effective and efficient clinical myopia management without having to become a science expert. One of the biggest barriers to putting myopia management into practice is knowing how to approach discussing myopia correction, control, goals and outcomes in an efficient time frame. The key inspiration for this course is to tackle the challenge of communication: providing you tried-and-tested key messages and practical tools to offer the best possible care to your young myopic patients while also setting up your practice systems for success.

The interactive two-hour course covers all aspects of the myopia management journey. It will increase your skills and confidence to discuss myopia onset and progression; describe management options and guide parents through decision-making and informed consent; explain and manage long-term outcomes; involve practice staff and provide ongoing patient education to ensure best practice myopia management. Each lesson provides a scientific foundation with advice on communicating this knowledge to parents. You'll find interactive parent communication scenarios, downloadable support tools, quick quizzes and more in engaging formats. Start here to master the myopia message and communicate for clinical success.


Accredited in: United States; Canada; Australia; New Zealand; United Kingdom

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Meet the instructors.

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Dr Kate Gifford PhD

Dr Kate Gifford is a clinical optometrist, researcher, peer educator and professional leader from Brisbane, Australia, and a co-founder of Myopia Profile.

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Dr Paul Gifford PhD

Dr Paul Gifford is a research scientist and industry innovator based in Brisbane, Australia, and co-founder of Myopia Profile.

What you will learn.

Chapter 1: Introduction - 5 Lessons

Learn about the course content, navigate the platform and set your learning goals.

  • Welcome to Communicating the Myopia Message
  • More information about this course
  • Disclosures
  • How to use this course
  • Your continuing education

Chapter 2: Key messages on myopia risk, correction and control - 4 Lessons

Learn how to explain the risks for myopia onset, progression and lifelong eye health, plus the key messages and framing of short-term and long-term benefits of myopia management.

  • Identifying children at risk of myopia onset and progression
  • Goals of myopia management
  • Communicating myopia risks, correction and control
  • Test your learning 1

Chapter 3: Myopia management treatment options - 4 Lessons

Here we'll pull together the latest science into easy messages and prescribing processes for myopia treatment options, as well as exploring informed consent.

  • Comparing the options
  • Informed consent and off-label prescribing
  • Explaining the treatment options
  • Test your learning 2

Chapter 4: Three key questions asked by parents - 4 Lessons

Test your communication skills with interactive parent discussion scenarios, and develop your main messages to cover these common parental questions.

  • How to improve a child's visual environment
  • Explaining contact lens safety in kids
  • When to stop myopia control treatments
  • Test your learning 3

Chapter 5: Long term management success - 5 Lessons

How do you know it's working? This important chapter covers how to set appropriate goals, determine success, explain treatment outcomes to parents and manage poor outcomes.

  • Follow-up schedules
  • Gauging success in myopia management from refraction
  • Gauging success in myopia management from axial length
  • Understanding and managing poor outcomes
  • Test your learning 4

Chapter 6: Myopia management outside of the exam room - 3 Lessons

Leverage your newfound communication skills in the consultation room with guidelines and materials to train your practice staff, and support parents in their ongoing learning journey.

  • Three steps to involving your practice team in myopia management
  • Myopia Profile Academy: explore your next learning journey
  • Congratulations, you did it! Here's what's next

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Great class

I left feeling confident that I can communicate the myopia message to parents, patients and staff members.

Paige V - 3 days ago
Review stars

Understanding Communication

I have learned how to communicate a positive message

Sarah S - 6 months ago
Review stars

Fantastic practical advice on how to manage myopia

Solid evidence based advice supported by the right words to provide helpful, clear, concise communication in a variety of scenarios that ECPs will face - the child that does not progress, the child that progresses a bit, and the child with unexpectedly fast progression despite treatment. All bases covered!

Elizabeth L - 8 months ago
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