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Contact Lenses for Kids is a three hour, comprehensive learning journey to increase knowledge, confidence and management skills in paediatric contact lens practice. It is specifically designed to increase confidence in fitting children (aged 12 and under) with contact lenses, providing the theoretical knowledge and practical tools to understand how successful, satisfied and safe children can be as contact lens wearers, especially in comparison to teens and adults. With a strong evidence base of 80+ scientific references, this course explains the multitude of reasons that children can thrive in contact lens wear, and how to ensure clinical communication and practice processes are set up for success.

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Feel more confident in pediatric contact lens fitting and aftercare

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  • NZ: 3 General points, ODOB activity 50380
  • UK: 3 CPD points for Optometrists, Contact Lens Opticians and Dispensing Opticians; C-100096, C-100097, C-100098
  • AU: 3 self-recorded CPD hours
  • US, CA: 3 COPE approved hours, Course ID 71191-CL, Activity ID 121148
  • AU: 3 CPD hours, Event ID 90003600


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Dr Kate Gifford PhD

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What you will learn

Ch 1: Welcome to the course!

4 Lessons
  • Welcome to Contact Lenses for Kids! Here's what you'll learn.
  • Disclosures
  • How to use this course
  • Your continuing education

Ch 2: Reasons to fit kids with contact lenses

Beyond the simple correction of ametropia, there are multiple functional, developmental and psychological benefits to kids wearing contact lenses which will be described in this chapter.

2 Lessons
  • Module 1 Video Lesson
  • Test your learning 1

Ch 3: Contact lens safety in children

This chapter provides a scientific review on contact lens safety in children, including how to communicate this to parents and patients.

2 Lessons
  • Module 2 Video Lesson
  • Test your learning 2

Ch 4: Mythbusting: Time, Cost, Compliance & Management

Practitioner and parental misconceptions about contact lens wear in kids can present unnecessary barriers to uptake. This chapter describes the research evidence to overcome these barriers, including specific outcomes in children and teens.

2 Lessons
  • Module 3 Video Lesson
  • Test your learning 3

Ch 5: Clinical considerations and initial fitting

This chapter describes the clinical considerations for initial fitting, including high ametropia, contact lens materials and modalities, pre-existing dry eye risk, handling training, informed consent and resources to support you in practice.

2 Lessons
  • Module 4 Video Lesson
  • Test your learning 4

Ch 6: Follow up visits and management

When moving from initial fitting, successful follow up includes practical and clinical aspects. This chapter will detail scheduling, factors affecting continued wear and dropout, managing vision and comfort outcomes and reinforcing compliance.

2 Lessons
  • Module 5 Video Lesson
  • Test your learning 5

Ch 7: Ensuring long term success and safety

Bringing it all together to achieve long term success, this chapter explores smart set up of in-practice systems including consent, cost, parental communication, staff training and marketing. A template parent information sheet is provided for you to download and customize to your practice.

2 Lessons
  • Module 6 Video Lesson
  • Test your learning 6

Ch 8: Next steps

1 Lesson
  • Congratulations! You did it! Here's what's next.

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It was great!

By Krzysztof S - 15 days ago

You Have to do this course!

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By Jennifer R - 8 months ago

Easy to digest + informative + practical + communication tips + Resources for practitioners and patients

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Definitely recommended

By David T - one year ago

I really enjoyed this course and am looking forward to using my new knowledge in practice

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this course eligible for continuing professional educational credits?

    This couse has achieved continuing accrediation in:

    • NZ: 3 hours 3 General points, ODOB activity 50380
    • UK: 3 hours 3 CPD points for Optometrists, Contact Lens Opticians and Dispensing Opticians; C-100096, C-100097, C-100098
    • AU: 3 hours 3 self-recorded CPD hours
    • US, CA: 3 hours 3 COPE approved hours, Course ID 71191-CL, Activity ID 121148
    • AU: 3 hours 3 CPD hours, Event ID 90003600

    On completion, we will provide a certificate to you for self-recorded continued professional development purposes, which includes the duration of the course and continuing accreditation details for specific countries. We will also provide post-course administration to accrediting bodies where required. Check your country's requirements regarding continuing education.

  • When does the course start and finish?

    The course is available now and never ends! It is a self-paced online course - you decide when you start, and set your own pace.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    After enrolling you will have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.