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Understanding Communication

I have learned how to communicate a positive message

Sarah S - 4 months ago
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Fantastic practical advice on how to manage myopia

Solid evidence based advice supported by the right words to provide helpful, clear, concise communication in a variety of scenarios that ECPs will face - the child that does not progress, the child that progresses a bit, and the child with unexpectedly fast progression despite treatment. All bases covered!

Elizabeth L - 6 months ago
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Good overview

Happy with content

Nicky L - one year ago
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Learned a lot!

Great course!

Yohanna E - one year ago
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Awesome course!

Indira Priya D - one year ago
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Practical and Digestible Course

Very good! This course provide knowledge in bites which are easy to adapt in practice

Wojciech K - one year ago
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Now I Understand Myopia Management

i now feel i have clear and concise information for parents to explain the importance and outcomes of myopia management

Eithne S - one year ago
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Effective Communication

Main learning was communicating with clear goals and positive framing

trevor b - 2 years ago
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This course has a lot to offer and I really enjoyed working through it. There is a lot of information but it isn't overwhelming because it stays relevant to each lesson. The downloads to use in practice are a great resource to have when discussing myopia management options and there are plenty of positive take-away pointers to use.

Ailsa L - 2 years ago
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Great course

Another great course from myopiaprofile.

Mette L - 2 years ago
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I enjoyed this course and found it knowledgeable. I feel it will help me in practice to communicate with families of myopic children.

Martina C - 2 years ago
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Ready to start delivering Myopic Control

It was during the Pandemic I started to really take an interest in MC and didn't know where to start as a lot of the information was in very scientific written papers. I decided to take this communication course as it simply broke down piles of information -simply- for me, parents and staff - up to date knowledge of current treatments, stats and what ifs
Definitely more confidence to bring this into practice

Eavan K - 2 years ago
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Thank you for your support and effort.
I wiil start myopia treatment based on myopia profile guidelines.
We only use atropine because we don't have optical methods

wael h - 2 years ago
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excellent course, 100/100 recommended course, very didactic and easy to integrate all the knowledge to explain in a simple way to parents why we do myopia management.

Ariolfo V - 2 years ago
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I feel more confident communicating the myopia message...

I have taken almost every course with examination on myopia management and have even taught a few courses myself.
If I autoevaluate myself, my weekness would be communicating the message to parents. A lot of ECP's think it is an easy task but for me is the most difficult aspect. I took this course to better myself in this area, after all the name of the course is Communicating the Myopia Message. In just a few words, this course delivers what is promised. I feel more knowledgeable in the communication aspect and I'm really happy with the course. As an added bonus you will have excellent resources that you may download like infographics, consents and references. I learned the idea of "Positive framing" and I know now how to apply it in my Myopia Management clinic.
If you or your staff are lacking effective communication skills on Myopia Manegement, this is the course...

Edgar D.
Puerto Rico, USA

Edgar D - 2 years ago
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Informative and Engaging

Information was thorough, beautifully presented and easy to understand. It has provided exceptionally important and helpful tips and tricks on how to communicate with parents and spread myopia awareness. Will immediately begin implementing this in my own practice.

Adelle K - 2 years ago