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Jeanne Saw Dr Kate Gifford PhD

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Providing advice on the visual environment is the foundation of proactive myopia management, being useful for children at risk of myopia as well as those with myopia progression. This practical course in the Made Simple series will provide you with a broad introduction to the visual environment as it relates to myopia management in practice, with a focus on identifying risk factors and supporting clinical recommendations.

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Meet the instructors.

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Jeanne Saw

Jeanne is a clinical optometrist based in Sydney, Australia. She has worked as a research assistant with leading vision scientists, and has a keen interest in myopia control and professional education.

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Dr Kate Gifford PhD

Dr Kate Gifford is a clinical optometrist, researcher, peer educator and professional leader from Brisbane, Australia, and a co-founder of Myopia Profile.

What you will learn.

Chapter 1: Introduction

See the course overview and learning objectives, and download the reference list of more than 60 scientific articles.

Chapter 2: The evidence

From animal studies on light exposure to human data, understand the links between near work, screen time, outdoor time and myopia.

Chapter 3: Getting started in practice

Detail on myopia risk factors, mechanisms, and a step-by-step guide for identifying pre-myopia and implementing outdoor, near work and screen time recommendations.

Chapter 4: Clinical communication

Guidance on explaining outdoor time, near work and screen time in myopia management, with answers to common questions and resources to support you and the practice team.

Chapter 5: Managing long-term outcomes

How to approach discussing the visual environment in long-term care, as part of the myopia management strategy.

Chapter 6: Case studies

Enact your knowledge with two interactive, guided case studies on managing pre-myopia and maximizing myopia treatment efficacy.

Chapter 7: Knowledge check

A short, multi-format knowledge check to emphasize key points across the course and help you recall the main messages for clinical practice.

Chapter 8: Summary and further learning

Three key take-home messages, with pointers towards further reading, resources and clinical communication tools.

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