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Great starting point

By Shan S - one month ago

Very good start for me as a new grad. Thank you very much.

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By Frederic S - 3 months ago


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The best learning from the Best teacher

By Rupam S - 3 months ago

Informative, easy in understanding and incorporating in routine practice and though provoking

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great refresher

By Lisa M - one year ago

Since reading up more on myopia control, I became more interested in being comfortable prescribing for all my pediatric patients. It's been many years since I reviewed the subject. This course really provided a great review and I now feel more confident incorporating what I learned into practice.

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A course for every level of expertise

By Anka L - one year ago

From beginner to more experienced, there is always something to learn and refresh.

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Great class

By Geneviève G - one year ago

I finally found someone who love retino like me! I got some great tips for refracting my young patient.

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Makes a tricky topic simple!

By Clare M - one year ago

As a recently graduated optometrist, this course has been an amazing help! It has consolidated my existing knowledge and expanded my understanding of concepts I always found difficult (especially retinoscopy). I really liked the tips at the end for what to prescribe and when for each age group, as well as the time frame for reviewing children. I highly recommend this course for anyone who needs a refresher on refracting in kids!

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Comprehensive in a simple manner

By Philippos R - one year ago

The course is comprehensive and simple, i mean positively. I'm defenately happy to submit it.
Personally i loved the part of prescribing per age and refractive status, it was nice and schematic.

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By Nicola R - one year ago

Excellent course with a deep understanding of most modern guidelines and practical skill tips. Highly recommended to optometrists who want to improve their pediatric skills and start myopia management in their practice!

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easy to understand the basics of refraction for kids

By Ariolfo V - one year ago

A great course where we return to the basics, we better understand how we can use our diagnostic instruments in a correct way when dealing with children.

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a good refresher course

By Sabrina S - one year ago

a good refresher course that helps you feel more confident in examining children and keep you updated with the latest findings on what works.

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Awesome and challenging course...

By Edgar D - one year ago

This is a great course to learn about all the refraction techniques. The normatives, charts, material to download and exercises makes it challenging and fun. I know for sure that for ECP's in LATAM, it will become a great resource. In LATAM: Mexico, Colombia and Puerto Rico are the only countries in which Optometrists may do cycloplegic refraction, therefore, all the techniques to do a great refraction without cycloplegia are needed. The knowledge provide in this course will encourage a lot of ECP's in the region to do Myopia Management.

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By jose M - one year ago


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Useful techniques for examining children

By Deepa S - one year ago

The examination process and prescribing for children is explained well.

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Excellent resource

By Claire M - one year ago

Good overview of refraction for children. Suitable refresher for those who are confident and experienced in children's testing, good over view for practitioners with less experience.

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Mastering Kids Refraction

By Michael O - one year ago

Great resource Well put together and easy to follow and undertsand

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Helping to get more confident at Refracting Kids!

By Marisa v - one year ago

This course will definitely improve your confidence in approaching your way of refracting kids.