Review stars

BV fundamentals

By Julius A - 3 days ago

Very good and expert information from Dr. Kate Gifford’s regarding BV. Also presentation is very nice and clear

Review stars

BV Fundamentals at its Best!

By Cirila S - 7 days ago

Understanding BV made easy!
Analogies shared were just perfect to be shared and communicated to patients.

Review stars


By Grace T - 7 days ago

maybe my internet is slow that's why I cant hear muc Dr. Kate's voice.

Review stars

Great course!

By PRECIOUS ZABIENA C - 7 days ago

This Binocular Vision course is friendly, fun and engaging. Case samples used were really useful and the quizzes allows you to think critically and analytically! Should be very helpful in leveling up my patient care.

Review stars

Very informative

By Rosalie C - 8 days ago

Love the course. I appreciate it so much

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BV fundamentals

By Julius A - 8 days ago

Very good and expert information from Dr. Kate Gifford’s regarding BV. Also presentation is very nice and clear

Review stars

BV fundamentals

By Julius A - 9 days ago

Very good and expert information from Dr. Kate Gifford’s regarding BV. Also presentation is very nice and clear

Review stars

By Irene G - 9 days ago

Dr. Kate Gifford made the topic interesting and easier to understand. Excellent presentation.

Review stars

very helpful

By jane c - 26 days ago

BV lessons presented in a very understandable way.

Review stars

BV is a very fundamental skill every Optometrist must know.

By Cherry Hedeliza S - one month ago

This course makes me more engage on how to manage myopia. This also makes me realized that everything is possible in correction myopia, with proper assessment, management, tools, training and knowing the patient needs and requirements, we can give them a better and comfortable BV. Looking forward for more courses like this. Very helpful and informative. Thank you. Keep safe!

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excellent !

By LOUISE V - one month ago

thanks for this back to school course, hopefully it's much more interesting than university. Dr Gifford is an excellent teacher !

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BV course

By Valery D - 3 months ago

I really enjoyed doing this course. It has definitely helped my understanding of BV tests and normative results in practice. It has definitely enhanced my clinical skills and i feel more confident

Review stars


By Mi Ja (�Midge�) C - 3 months ago

Throughly enjoyed! Thank you, Kate!!

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An amazing BV course!!

By Dharani N - 3 months ago

I really appreciated the format of this course. It was easy to understand, engaging and provided me with so many great tools to use in practice. I would 100% recommend this to anyone who would like to be more confident in binocular vision!

Review stars

By David H - 4 months ago

I found this to be a very comprehensive and clinically practical coverage of the fundamentals of binocular vision.

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Great course

By Fiona Y - 4 months ago

A really well designed and enjoyable course. I now feel more confident with binocular vision management.
Thanks Dr Kate!

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Excellent presentation

By Anusha N - 5 months ago

A well structured course with detailed explanation on all aspects of binocular vision. A must for anyone that wants to improve their clinical skills in Binocular Vision

Review stars

Great course

By Valerie L - 5 months ago

Clear and efficient!

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Great BV course

By Amanda B - 6 months ago

Binocular vision was difficult to get my head around at uni and have only practiced the basics until now. I avoided prescribing prism to young people due to fear of adaption. I now feel more confident prescribing prism and vision training. Thank you, this was a well designed course.

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Love it

By Geneviève G - 7 months ago

Wow! I really loved this class. Such a great reminder about VB after 15 years of practice. I already putting my knowledge into practice

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Aptly named course

By phillip t - 8 months ago

I have found this course invaluable in my understanding of binocular vision fundamentals. The course is very well set out in a step by step fashion to help build a solid knowledge of the BV system and to be equipped with the tools to competently assess, manage and benefit our patients. The course is enjoyable as Dr Kate is an engaging communicator who brings to life often dry concepts through her sharing of case studies and reference to evidence based research.

Review stars


By France C - 9 months ago

JÕai adorŽ prendre part ˆ ce cours. Le tout est prŽsentŽ de faon simple et conviviale. Le professeur (Kate) est vraiment pŽdagogue. Merci beaucoup, ces enseignements seront une aide prŽcieuse pour ma pratique!

Review stars

An incredible back-to-basics approach to BV

By Shane W - 10 months ago

If you're looking to review or update your knowledge regarding BV, look no further. Kate delivers an easy to understand summary, broken down into parts that just make sense. After building the foundation in the early modules, you are then shown how to utilise your new found skills in everyday practice. I can't recommend this course highly enough.

Review stars

Wonderful Course for the Optometrist

By Marisa v - 10 months ago

Thank you Dr Kate for explaining BV in such a simple way. Its the first time that I can honestly say "I enjoyed BV"

Review stars

Myopia guidelines

By Bill H - 10 months ago

Excellent series of presentations which dealt with all relevant issues concerning myopia. The clinical information regarding spec/cl options for various BV situations is invaluable. Parental advice and guidance is essential in obtaining the desired goal for young pre and early Myopes. Thanks, Bill

Review stars

Highly recommended!!

By Jackie P - one year ago

I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to refresh or improve their understanding of binocular vision. The course material was concise and easy to understand. Kate's enthusiastic delivery kept me engaged and entertained from start to finish. I found the course to be extremely valuable and feel a lot more confident applying the principles in everday practise. A big thank you for all the effort that has gone into putting this together.

Review stars

Simply Brilliant!

By Jeanette O - one year ago

You made learning so much fun! Loved the infographics so much! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise.

Review stars

Binocular Vision Fundamentals

By Rheza Marisse T - one year ago

This Course is very helpful and a great review course for those who only learned BV in school but do not practice it. I congratulate Dr. Kate for sharing with us your expertise and your passion inspires us to do better and to do more in our practice clinically and help our patients understand more about their visual situation.

Review stars

A comprehensive, user-friendly resource for clinical practice

By Michael L - one year ago

This course has provided a very well-structured and useful refresher for applying binocular vision diagnosis and management, as well as supporting best-practice myopia control as new evidence emerges. Would highly recommend to any and all practicing optometrists.

Review stars

Fantastic course

By Nicky D - one year ago

This course has changed the way I practice. It's increased my confidence testing and prescribing for children. Kate's delivery of the material is so engaging and easy to follow. Highly recommend.

Review stars

Paradigm Shift

By Donald B - one year ago

The Binocular Vision Fundamentals Course was not only a great refresher of topics filed away in the dusty corners of my optometric education, but it changed the way I listen to my patient's complaints and the questions I ask. It has removed the mystery of why some kids are more likely to experience myopic progression and gives me a better sense of control over that progression. Well done!

Review stars

BV Master in the making!

By Marga L - one year ago

Very good course with a lot of useful tips to use in practice! Will definitely recommend it to fellow colleagues!

Review stars

Mastering Myopia Control

By Ghaouti C - one year ago

Tremendous work.... Very Gratefull to you

Review stars

Definitely money well spent

By Anilia L - one year ago

I really recommend this course, it has helped me tremendously to update my BV skills. Kate is an excellent teacher and has a way of explaining difficult concepts in an easy, logical way. This course was definitely money well spent. Thank you, Kate, for sharing your knowledge with me.

Review stars

Excellent presentation of BV Fundamentals

By Asela S - one year ago

Highly recommend to anyone who is interested in binocular vision management

Review stars

A tricky topic explained simply.

By James S - one year ago

I've never liked BV, most often avoided it, but after doing this course, I'm enjoying it in practice. It's too early to say I'm comfortable with the tough cases, but this course has given me the confidence to get started. Thank you Kate!

Review stars

Excellent course

By Roshanak J - one year ago

I have found Dr. Gifford very knowledgable, clear and easy to follow. She delivered lots of useful informations in a very systematic and organized way. I do definitely recommend this course if you do care about your paediatric patients.

Review stars

Great Binocular Vision Course - Extremely Useful in Getting Clear Concept on BV

By WAI KWONG C - one year ago

Binocular Vision can be quite confusing, however Kate have put together a wonderful course that make BV concept easy to understand; give Optometrist confidence to start their Vision Therapy journey

Review stars

Very good !

By Florence G - one year ago

Review stars

Fantastic Course

By Maria D - one year ago

This was a fantastic course that I would recommend to any Optometrist wanting a solid starting point to understanding Binocular Vision Fundamentals, how to assess binocular vision in patients and apply to myopia management.Kates passion for Myopia Management and making a difference to her patients is inspiring!!

Review stars

Simple and Concise

By Angela B - one year ago

I loved the video presentation style of BV fundamentals. Listening to Kate explain everything simply step-by-step was so beneficial - I usually get lost once BV lecturers start talking about convergence and accommodation combined. The review at the end of each lesson and the printable reference sheets were awesome!

Review stars

I am so grateful, firstly that I found this course and then I made the decision to do it.

By Mohamed P - one year ago

Kate Gifford has an amazing ability to simplify complex concepts.What I enjoyed and appreciated about this course: The course is set out in a logical format and broken up in such a way that it encourages one to move forward. The site layout is also simple to navigate. The techniques shown are practical and easy to incorporate in your daily clinical routine.The videos are not long and Kate's sense of fun comes through, making them really easy to watch :) You can clearly note that a lot of effort has gone into distilling just the essence of what you need to know. There is no tedious stuff that you have to trudge through.The slides and PDF summaries are simple to understand and are extremely well thought out. Kate has generously shared the material she's developed over the years, to make it easy to explain findings to patients and parents.This course was awesome in that it opened up a whole new area of Binocular vision in practice for me and I now understand how it impacts Myopia control options . Best online course I've done :)

Review stars

Well-organized course, strongly recommend

By Cherryl T - one year ago

The presentation of the course content was very clear, well-organized and easy to understand. The course demonstrated each topic in a step by step manner. Several samples were given for each clinical case which is relevant and applicable to clinical practice. Well organized printable summary for each topic was also provided which are very useful as a guide in clinical assessments and managements.The instructor Dr. Kate, is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the course, responsive to questions, encouraged participation and clarification through peer discussion part towards the end of each topic.Overall, this course has given me an in depth knowledge about Binocular Vision and Myopia control. Therefore, I strongly recommend this course to help practitioners learn clinical skills that will make clinical practice so much easier!

Review stars

High quality course

By Alex L - one year ago

High Quality, well researched and presented. Well Done!

Review stars

Feedback from a Busy Optometric Practitioner

By shane d - one year ago

The course "Binocular Vision Fundamentals" is tailored really well for a busy practitioner who wants to quickly assess, diagnose and treat binocular vision problems .The course is very well laid out in a 12 video tutorial format with clear learning objectives,infographic downloads,and MCQ,s at the end of each module. This course has to be one of the most enjoyable courses I have done in a long time with the added gratification of daily positive feedback from happy patients.

Review stars

Great class

By Eric B - one year ago

Very helpful

Review stars

Great course in an easy to understand manner

By Albert P - one year ago

I truly can use it in my office and test my patient the Gifford way. I am able to communicate with my patients (parents) confidently so that they will take my advice seriously.

Review stars

Thank you!!!

By Leigh F - one year ago

Thank you for the very useful, easy to apply everyday tools for easy assessment of the binocular function. Well presented videos With reference infographic downloads. Easy to refer back. Very well done. Much appreciated!!! HIGHLY recommended for everyone! Just basic principles applied!