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very interesting, a good review of options

Valerie L - 3 months ago
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The simplest and non invasive way to manage myopia

The spectacles are non invasive in comparison to Ortho-K, Soft Lenses and Atropine.
They are also affordable.
Nevertheless, they need to be prescribed accurately. They also need to be fitted appropriately and worn in a full time basis. The follow up is absolutely compulsory.

Ghaouti C - 5 months ago
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Very Useful

I learned the importance of binocular vision in myopia management. Something I didn't consider previously.

Gillian P - 7 months ago
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Confident in myopic prescribing

I am more confident in what spectacle choice to prescribe my myopic patient

Maria D - 9 months ago
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Mastering Myopia Management

I feel more confident in prescribing spectacles for myopia

Amy L - 9 months ago
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Very reassuring that I my practice is consistent with current knowledge in the area of myopia control

Roberta M - 9 months ago
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Great course

Good basic knowledge of of spectacle prescribing for myopia management

Jessica P - 11 months ago
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Mastered Myopia Control

Now have better knowledge of myopia control spectacle lenses

Tina P - 11 months ago
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More Confident

More confident to telling myopia management options

Marco D - one year ago
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Explaining Myopia Control Strategies

Better understand the spectacle options for myopia control

Leanne G - one year ago
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Vital to help communicate the myopia management message

I could this course excellent to help with talking to patients and parents about the options available for ,topiary management

Anthony W - one year ago
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I received a complete up-to-date, practical guide to introducing myopia control with glasses into practice ( and not just with glasses)

Olena V - one year ago
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Fantastic overview

Very well presented course. Easy to understand and follow. Absolutely love the availability of this high quality information as an introduction to new research and technology, as well as being a refresher on myopia control in general. Thank you for creating the Myopia Profile platform and for all the hard work that has been put into this excellent resource.

Monique B - one year ago
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Mas seguridad en la adaptacion de lentes oftalmicas en el control de la miopia.

Como siempre muy didactico y con los conceptos muy faciles de entender y de recordar. Genial herramienta para el optometrista implicado en el control de la miopia de sus pacientes.

Enrique B - one year ago
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Explaining Differences with Confidence

More confident explaining differences

Ines B - one year ago
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Great overview of myopia controlling spectacles

Great overview, easy to understand and implement into clinical practice.

Katy G - one year ago
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More Confident

More confidence with the latest research and recommendations for myopia control

Matt K - one year ago
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Myopia Management with spectacles

This course is straight to the point with giving the best and most appropriate choices and the alternatives if not all the options are available.

William V - one year ago
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Excellent course on Myopia management

It was very effective,

Tarun G - one year ago
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Mastering Specs

Clear guideline on specs prescribing

Thu L - one year ago
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Understanding How Lenses Affect Myopia

More background information on why which lens contributes or not to slow down myopia progression. Some people are recommending to myopic kids to take off glasses while reading - would be nice toknow more about that method.

Maralen B - one year ago
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Exploring Options

I learned about options that exist, but I didn't learn how many are currently available to me, will have to reach out to my lab to do that.

Kristen Y - one year ago
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Very clear and straightforward course

Although we do not have some of the glasses in my country yet, now I am prepared for them. The course was very instructive and easy to follow. Thanks for the effort to making it so simple and understandable.

Ugur A - one year ago
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Clearing Up Confusion

clarification on a few points & affirmation of what was already known /understood - easy to digest

Haydn W - one year ago
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Seeking Deeper Knowledge

Happy, but should offer more in-depth explanation and discussion, especially on the myopia progression theory and technical design of each latest myopia control lens

SYARIFAH FAIZA S - one year ago
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Great addition to all the resource they already provided

Clear, logical and clinical relevant information on prescribing myopia control spectacle that can benefit clinician of all levels.

Albert P - one year ago
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Enhanced Understanding of Technology

It has given me a better understanding of the new lens technology

Anneline S - one year ago
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Treatment Knowledge

greater knowledge of the differing efficiencies of available treatments

Andrew G - one year ago
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Everything I needed to know

Really interesting content and helped me understand all of the information on spectacles for myopia, especially the new types available now. Thank you Myopia Profile!

Mary T - one year ago