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To empower #MyopiaAction and slow down the rise in childhood myopia, access to Myopia Action Month resources are extended until the end of October.

Myopia Action Month across September 2023 linked practitioners with online education, on-hand resources and insights that translate the latest research into practical, clinically relevant tools and techniques they can apply in day-to-day practice.

The brainchild of internationally recognized leaders in myopia awareness and education - Myopia Profile, Myopia Action Month was sponsored by valued Premier and Supporting sponsors across the global eye care industry.

Their vision? Empowering eye care professionals to turn myopia awareness into action – accelerating the everyday practice of myopia management to improve the outcomes for children now and into the future.

Myopia Action Month has concluded, but #MyopiaAction to slow down the rise in childhood myopia is ongoing, so we are continuing access the online seminars and online resources provide by Myopia Profile for a further month, until the end of October.

Here’s what happened across Myopia Action Month

NEW Online Seminar Series

Four weeks, four inspiring seminars: Myopia Action Month provided opportunity to hear from international powerhouses on myopia research, treatments and techniques, and how it all translates into practice. Each week’s event also included illuminating product briefs, presenting clinician and patient experiences of myopia management. These four seminars can now be watched in full, accessible throughout October.

Watch the Complete Seminar Series

NEW Myopia Management Made Simple online course

Prepare yourself for an increased focus on myopia management by completing the Myopia Management Made Simple course. Online and available on-demand to fit in with your schedule, this one-hour course translates the latest research and treatment options into practical tools and techniques you can apply in your everyday practice.

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NEW Myopia Management for the Practice Team certification course

This world-first course is designed for practice managers, optical assistance, trainees and dispensers to ensure continuity of care from inside to outside the examination room. It uses microlearning format with short lessons, tracking progress to fit in with busy days in your practice. Upskill your team and support their development of expertise in practical myopia management. Accessible for an unlimited number of practice staff, in October, through a Practice Account.

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The stage is set for Myopia Action

  • Science has
    shown the WHY

    Myopia researchers have clearly explained that myopia prevalence is growing and that every diopter increases eye health risks.

  • Industry has
    provided the HOW

    An explosion of innovations in myopia control treatments in the past few years now sees various effective spectacle, contact lens and pharmacological options.

  • Public health advocates
    have said NOW

    The International Myopia Institute and numerous optometry and ophthalmology organizations have published guidelines and set standards for taking clinical action.

  • Educators have guided
    on WHO and WHAT to do

    Myopia Profile continues to grow our suite of professional learning and clinical practice resources to support skills, communication and action.

The time to act is now

A 2022 survey showed that 43% of young progressing myopes are still prescribed single vision. If we don’t act, we are staring into a ‘myopian future’ in which myopia presents an ever-growing threat to the vision, eye health and quality of life of current and future generations.

We're empoweringeye care professionals

Myopia Action Month links eye care professionals with on-line education, on-hand resources and insights that translate the latest research on myopia and myopia management into practical, clinically relevant tools and techniques, empowering your interest in myopia management into #MyopiaAction.

  • Keep your finger on the pulse

    Keep up to date with myopia assessment, treatment and management, and ensure best-practice clinical care.

  • Stay ahead of the curve

    Be the first to learn about the latest myopia research, industry innovations, and eye care products from global leaders.

  • Personal development

    Grow your clinical skills and confidence in children’s vision care.

  • Enhance your practice's reputation

    Secure and enhance your practice’s reputation for best practice myopia management.

  • Gain professional recogntion

    Gain certification and continuing education credits via simple-to-specialist learning pathways.

  • Make a meaningful impact

    Feel good about having a significant, long-term, positive impact on the lives of your patients and the community.

Are you ready to take a stand against the rise in myopia?

Myopia Action amplifies Myopia Profile’s stand against the growing public health issue of myopia, supported by eye care industry partners and a broad network of the global eye care sector.

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