Myopia Action Social Media Tiles

Show your commitment to taking #MyopiaAction with these social media tiles. As a follow-on from the successful first Myopia Action Month, September 2023, we have created these social media tiles and banners to support your continued demonstration of taking action to manage myopia. 


These social media tiles and banners have been designed to share on your professional and practice profiles. The download includes the following resources.

  • Three social media image tiles, for individual posts 
  • A Facebook profile banner 
  • A LinkedIn profile banner 

The inaugural Myopia Action Month ran across September 2023, championed by Myopia Profile and supported by the full scope of eye care industry. Since #MyopiaAction should continue right across the year, to provide the best possible care for children with myopia, this social media kit helps to demonstrate your activity in childhood myopia management. 

How to Use

We suggest that you use the three posts with your own wording and context. They could be used on your personal, professional and practice profiles, and are formatted as suitable for Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. You could share one per week for three weeks to build your own profile amongst your audience. 

To power up your profiles, the Facebook and LinkedIn banners allow you to extend the #MyopiaAction message, as a temporary or continuing banner. 


This is a digital download only - no printing is required.